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Is Foot Pain Interfering with Your Life?

Foot pain is never just about feet.

It can disrupt almost every area of life and your lifestyle. It keeps you from enjoying the things you love. It leaves you feeling sore and worn out every day after work.

At Precision Foot and Ankle, we strive to get you back on your feet as quickly and safely as possible. We are not just “chip and clip,” but a full-service foot and ankle medical team providing you with the latest evidence-based surgical and non-surgical treatment options in modern healthcare.

If foot pain is keeping you from living to the fullest, you don’t have to suffer from it. We have the solutions that can get you back to living your best.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Tenenboym is board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine to treat all ailments of the lower extremities in children, adults, and the elderly. 

5-Star Patient Reviews

“In just a few visits, thanks to his researching clues he gleaned through both talking & tests, he had a diagnosis and 4 weeks later I am now healed.”

5 star rating

- Kay

“Dr. Tenenboym will handle your injury in a way that will inform you right away. Everything was right to the point and most importantly on point.”

5 star rating
- Jack

“After discovering I had to have surgery on my ankle I went to Dr. Tenenboym and I feel he is by far one of the best doctors if not the best I have ever encountered.”

5 star rating - Lori

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