Children’s Foot Problems

Your children’s feet don’t often tend to feel like something you need to pay much mind to. They’re brand new, naturally, and they don’t even start racking up miles for a good amount of time!

Young feet are far from problem-free, though. They grow fast, and as they do, the likelihood of them experiencing many of the same problems of adult feet begins to rise. It also pays to keep track of the ways those feet are developing, too. At Precision Foot and Ankle, we’re well equipped to handle anything that arises to nip potential problems in the bud.

Treating Ingrown Toenails

It can be difficult to keep up with growing feet. In some cases, bigger shoes can be needed in just a few months’ time!

When shoes grow too tight and cramp toes together, the odds of a toenail curving down and growing into the skin increases, causing an ingrown toenail. Even when shoes aren’t tight, some children are just born with toenails that tend to be more curved and more likely to become ingrown. If ingrown nails run in your family, you should watch for whether your children get them, too.

Many mild ingrown toenails can be treated at home by soaking your child’s foot and gently coaxing the ingrown part of the nail away from swollen, irritated skin. Never try to cut into the nail yourself to try any special procedures. You risk more pain and infection that way.

If home treatment isn’t yielding any results, the ingrown nail is especially painful, or you are seeing signs of infection (pus, spreading redness), it’s time to give us a call.

If needed, we can safely cut and remove a corner of the nail to allow the skin to heal more easily. You might need to switch to open-toed shoes or protect the toe with gauze and antibiotic ointment until a full recovery has been made.

    Watching Your Children’s Step

    It can definitely be an exciting time when your baby grows up and learns to walk. You might also start to see some behaviors you didn’t quite expect.

    Your child’s arches may look flat as they stand, but reappear when they sit down or stand on their toes.

    And if they do stand on their toes, they might walk around like that for extended periods of time. Or their toes might point inward or outward as they walk.

    These quirks are often part of a child’s development and learning to walk, but in some cases they can be sign of an underlying problem. The best route to take if you see something out of the ordinary in your child’s arches or gait is to notify us.

    We can track your child’s feet periodically as they grow to make sure there are no abnormalities at play and that they are growing out of any peculiarities. If a problem does show signs of becoming permanent, we can take action as soon as possible to mitigate it, often through the use of custom orthotics and physical therapy, to make sure it doesn’t cause any pain or additional problems.

    Help for Pediatric Foot Problems

    Kids can be complicated. We don’t have to tell you that.

    When it comes to their foot and ankle care, however, we can provide you peace of mind and treatments that work!

    Whether it’s warts, heel pain, or other problems, call Precision Foot and Ankle at (727) 399-7167. Our Pinellas Park office will be happy to help you.

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