“After being admitted to Northside Hospital in St. Pete for a medical emergency as result of chemical burns to both feet, I was examined by the wound care specialist and referred to a surgeon described as the “The Best Podiatric Surgeon”. Not only was that introduction spot-on, but Dr. Tenenboyn’s immediate response to the referral as well and his expertise and attention to the urgency for immediate surgery saved my feet. Following discharge from the hospital, he has maintained my rehab & office visits.” 


“In just a few visits, thanks to his researching clues he gleaned through both talking & tests, he had a diagnosis and 4 weeks later I am now healed.”


“My mother was referred to see Dr. Teneboym after she stubbed her toe and it became infected. My mother is in her seventies, she was in a lot of pain and she was scared to death. She was not in her best form and to be honest she was down right rude. Dr Teneboym was so patient with her, never once returning my moms attitude to her. He knew that she was terrified and he completely explained everything. My mom ended up having to have her toe amputated and she is doing amazing. He is truly the best!” 


“Dr. Tenenboym will handle your injury in a way that will inform you right away. Everything was right to the point and most importantly on point.”


“At the beginning of November, I had a ridiculous accident, tripping over my dog, resulting in a multitude of injuries to my left foot. I was referred to Dr. Tenenboym, who was able to move my first appointment up by a few weeks to get my seen. His diagnosis was spot on and we decided on surgery with realistic expectations that it would be a long recovery ahead. Yesterday I got my hard cast off and am starting my rehabilitation. My overall experience has been great with Dr. T and his office staff!”


“After discovering I had to have surgery on my ankle I went to Dr. Tenenboym and I feel he is by far one of the best doctors if not the best I have ever encountered.”



To prevent ingrown toenails, it is best to avoid trimming your toenails too short. Trim your toenails straight across instead of curving at the edges. Trying to cut out the ingrown edges can make the condition worse over time. If this is the first time you are experiencing an ingrown toenail, you may also try to soak your feet in lukewarm water with epsom salts. If you do not notice improvement in your symptoms within a couple of days, see your local podiatrist for further management before the condition becomes worse. In general, home treatment does little to fix the problem and can make the problem worse.

When To See Your Podiatrist

You should see your podiatrist if you continue to experience pain and redness or if your symptoms worsen. Your podiatrist will perform a minor procedure to remove the offending nail border and improve your pain. The procedure will likely be performed with local anesthesia to make you comfortable. They may also prescribe an antibiotic to treat the infection if needed. Most people experience minimal pain after the procedure and can resume normal activity the next day.

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